May 22

Hey, Can You Get This Knot Out?

Have you ever had a pair of drawstring pants where the little knot on one end of the string got sucked inside the waistband? You have to scrunch up the fabric, then hold the scrunched part while you try to push the knot past it. Then, you scrunch, hold, push, scrunch, hold, push. If the drawstring is elastic, this process is even harder because it wants to snap back right after each scrunch, hold, push cycle. But you like those pants so you stick to it until, little by little, you’ve worked the knot all the way out.

Now, picture that knot as being your hamstring instead of a drawstring. That’s how my right leg was Monday. Weekend gardening and a long run had caused the “elastic” in my hamstring to snap back, and if I wanted to use that leg again, I would have to work that knot out.

So I visited Diane, my favorite massage therapist, a friend and former neighbor who I really should visit more often. Times like this remind me of that. She scrunched, held and pushed that knot until my hamstring eventually relented. Ahhh, it’s a great feeling when you finally work the knot out!

But like those drawstring pants, I know one day, sooner than I would like, that knot will snap back again. Diane will once again be called on to scrunch, hold, push.


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I'm a 50-something runner and volunteer committee member for the American Cancer Society DetermiNation team. I love running for the way it makes me feel and for the things it can do to help others. If you like my ramblings, please consider making a donation to help me fight cancer.

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