Apr 15

Sending Me Off

Just 26.2 miles to go!

In 19 hours, I’ll be well on my way toward completing my third Boston Marathon. Like all of the other marathons I’ve done over the last 10 years (this will be 12 in that span), I will be running with the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation program.

Running Boston, the most famous and prestigious marathon in the world, is an honor unto itself. But an even bigger honor for me is running it for all of the people who support me through donations, words of encouragement, and their positive thoughts.

As I sit in my hotel, resting up for the big adventure tomorrow morning, I am re-reading the notes that people have sent me along with their donations. I share them with you here because they mean so much to me. If you wrote one of these notes, please know that I will be thinking of it – and you – during the race tomorrow. I am honored to run for you.

David keep up the great work and best wishes as you continue running for the cure!

Let’s say for Captain Badass as she is recovering… Big Shoulder’s is a 3.1 mile swim- so sounds about right- RUN LIKE A TURTLE DP!!! (well run like a DP Turtle which is one FAST turtle!!!)

Way to go David!  We are proud of for working for such a worthy cause!

Good luck, training for my second tri this year, you are an inspiration

You are a rock star!!  Love how much you support ACS.  And BOSTON – all I can say is “wow”

I wish this could be more but every bit adds up.  I have to have another biopsy on Tuesday so this donation has some extra rage at cancer behind it.  have FUN next weekend and thanks for continuing to advocate for all of us cancer peeps.

You inspire me, DP!

Run like the wind old man!

Have a fantastic Boston! You’re the fastest turtle I know!

Go Dave, go!  Have a blast and kick cancer’s ass!

We’re cheering for you, Dave!

David, you are one inspiring dude! I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you online and run with you in real life!Good luck and kick some Boston Marathon ass!!!

Good Luck David! It’s so awesome you’ve been doing this for 10 y ears!

Thanks for all you do to fight cancer, David!! Kick cancer’s ASS in Boston for me!

You still inspire me so much! Keep up the amazing fight!

Good luck, Dave!

Go David! I hope it is a great experience.

Well i guess since it is your tenth year i can donate! Do you know what i was doing ten years ago? I was a senior in high school I was 18 ( makes you feel old) but you know what else happened? My dad was diagnosed with cancer. I can’t tell you how hard ten years ago were and how my life changed forever. Thank you for running thank you for making sure my dad continues to be cancer free. Thank you for being my mentor. Love always!

Kickin’ cancer in the granny pants!

Good Luck! Please run a mile in honor of my father Ira “Jr.” Scott.

Good luck Dave!!!  You’re my running idol!!

What a hero!!

Run like the wind. We are proud of all you do!

Wow!! David, have been with you since the beginning, we need more people with your passion.  YOU make a difference.

Way to go David!!  We’re all behind you!

Kick Asphault!!

Good luck, Dave!  Please donate a mile for John’s cousin, Jeannette Pompo, who lost her battle with cancer earlier this month.

Dude, go kick some ass on Monday and make me proud :-)

Thanks for running for a great cause, David!

Rock that run Dave and run over cancer!

Run Dave Run! Wish I could be there to cheer you on!

Thanks for helping kick cancer’s Ass!



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I'm a 50-something runner and volunteer committee member for the American Cancer Society DetermiNation team. I love running for the way it makes me feel and for the things it can do to help others. If you like my ramblings, please consider making a donation to help me fight cancer.

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  1. Marcia Larsen

    Thanks for all you do! I started running at 50 to celebrate my 5 year cancer free anniversary and I’m still going. Slow – but steady.
    Kick some race and cancer butt tomorrow!
    God Bless you with strength and courage.

  2. DP_Turtle

    Marcia, that’s wonderful! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Thanks for your well wishes.

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